NexGen Heating

The Next Generation Of Economic Electric Heating

We have partnered with NexGen heating, to bring you an amazing new product. An ultra thin quilt which is pasted to your wall or ceiling, or laid under your carpet or laminated flooring. Then just plug it in! Low voltage supply ensures there is no risk from the electrics. Is this part of the future of modern electric heating? We certainly think so! Check out here what Octopus Energy think of it

NexGen is a unique radiant heating technology that provides extremely efficient low cost, high efficiency heating. Warming a room using radiant Far Infrared rather than conventional gas oil  LPG or other forms of electric heating. NexGen can be placed on Wall Floors or Ceilings.

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  • NexGen is SAFE low voltage heating
  • NexGen can be installed on Floors Walls and Ceilings
  • NexGen is Healthy heating
  • NexGen can be fitted directly under Carpet or Other Flooring
  • NexGen is 0.4mm thick and can go on walls or ceilings like lining paper
  • NexGen can be cut for LED lights, light switches and mains sockets without risk of shock

Easy installation, check out the videos below

Contact us for more information on this revolutionary product