German Chamotte Clay Core Heating

Nine years of supplying our German Clay Core Chamotte heating is testament to their appeal. Looking like conventional radiators, they emit radiant heat, with some convection for good measure.

Popular as a replacement for old obsolete storage heaters, resolving cold spots, conservatories, extensions and replacing gas and oil systems. There are now several manufacturers of this type of heating in Germany. We partnered with the longest established who started up in 1946, supplying best quality and we haven’t been disappointed.

Customers have been delighted with the quality of heat and the savings in heating costs that can be achieved using our Chamotte Clay core heaters.

Savings are achieved by a combination of reduced power requirement compared to other heating options, focusing on radiant heat rather than convection and control-ability achieved with the use of highly accurate thermostatic and time control.

A typical living room might have a 3.4 kilowatt storage heater. Our equivalent German heater would typically need to be 2.0 kilowatt to heat a room of the same size, saving up to 40% on heating costs.