German Heater Control

Apart from having the benefits of the Chamotte Clay core, the other important requirement of an economic electric heater are the heater controls

There are various options available for control. The main criteria is thermostatic control, your heater must turn off when the required temperature is reached. Also time control, no point heating your living room when tucked up in bed or away at work.

Accuracy of these features is also important, some poor quality thermostats consist of a bi metal strip, which moves with temperature and completes a connection when the temperature has fallen a certain amount. This is why you can sometimes see a blue flash in the controls when the thermostat kicks back in. Another feature of a poor quality thermostat is the extra reduction in temperature required before it comes back on again this is called hysterisis and can be several degrees. So you can literally feel quite cold before the thermostat clicks in and switches your heater back on. Our German heaters continue to warm the room when powered off, so it is only when the temperature drops back down to the set point that the thermostat will switch back on.

Modern efficient thermostats are electronic, very accurate and not prone to the vagaries of older or cheaper thermostats.

We have two main thermostat/timing options which can be used with our German heaters

Simple Control

The thermostat knob is simply turned to set the required temperature If power is required the little red light comes on, if not then the red light is off. The thermostat sensor is at the bottom of the heater, which is where the coldest air is. Timing control (if required) is by the simple plug in timer shown

Wireless/Internet Control

A wireless thermostat/ timer control which can be fixed to a wall or sit on a shelf or table controls the heater via an attached receiver. Each heater has its own thermostat for each room. But in a large room or corridor , known as a “zone” One thermostat can be programmed to operate several heaters. The idea as with all our heating, that each room or zone is individually controlled.

This system can be expanded by use of device that connects to your in house router(if you have internet), to allow control of your heating from anywhere in the world via the internet.